Individual solutions for customer in East and Central Africa


  • Application of fully automated inverter and charge controller for off- and on-grid

  • High quality and affordable storage system

  • More than 10 years experience in PV technology

  • Production of high quality and reliable PV panel

  • Product development and optimization

  • Founded knowledge about the key-components of a PV power system

Zetinsolar Technology

Our core business is innovative and individual solution for solar technology application.
We work very closely with our suppliers of key components and trace the raw materials built in the components.
We have many years of experience in the production and application of solar key components and we are pleased to contribute to the environmentally friendly energy supply.

About Us


PV Components

We have selected solar products for sale in our office and store in Juba, South Sudan, at the Gudele Road (across to UNOCHA). The inventory usually includes solar modules, inverters, solar batteries, and charge controller. Customers are warmly invited to visit our office. If the desired product is not in stock, we will be happy to get it for you.

PV Systems

Well matched PV components are essential of a successfully functioning and reliable system. We adapt ourselves to customer requirements without compromising on quality. Thanks to many years of experience and our knowledge of key components, we can offer our customers affordable and state-of-the-art PV systems.