Solar home system

Lighting Global

  • Energy Station Plus is the ideal solution for lighting and phone charging in all the situations where there is no connection to the electrical grid: rural zones, campsites, mountain huts and outdoor activities.
  • Each bulb of the three can illuminate a 9 m² room.
  • Energy Station can also be used to charge mobile phones and other electronical devices with USB port.
  • FuturaSun Energy Station Plus passes Lighting Global Quality Standards. Click here for the verification letter.


  • 8 W Polycrystalline PV panel and including 5 m cable
  • Portable solar energy charger with connection slots
  • New Rechargeable battery LiFePO4 4500 mAh 6.4 V with increased thermal resistance and longer life span
  • Phone charge adapters included
  • Three 1.2 W LED lights (tot. 320 lm) with 5 m cable and switch button each
  • White light
  • USB port for charging mobile phones
  • Lighting period: 8 hours with 3 lights on (320lm) if fully charged, 3 hours after one-day charging
  • Designed for indoor use