Individaul solutions

It is very important to understand the demand of the costumers to plan individual solution.  Our engineer and technician will advise, make site visit if requires and calculate the demands of the power during the day and the night.

We advise to use the most power of the PV system as produced during the day and store the energy for night only at a minimum level. Doing this the amortization (investment pay back time) can be held at the minimum level.

We offer as an individual solution:

  • Uninterrupted power supply (UPS systems) for companies, hospitals or any kind enterprises households
  • Fuel saver solution: The goal is to supplement the energy supply with PV (photovoltaic) power. There are two options offered in this quotation:
  1. PV-diesel-hybrid solution and battery storage system. The benefit is:
    1. In the daytime the diesel generator can be switched off completely
  2. PV-diesel-hybrid solution without the use of batteries. The benefits are:
    1. Less investment costs because no battery storage required

Fuel saving by using solar power as produced. However, this system can only run if the generator is on. by using first solar as produced and the generator can run at its minimum fuel consumption