50 kVA solar power plant for enterprise

Yield expectation  

In a sunny day, this solar power plant is expected to produce around 274 kWh in eastern Africa per day. Enough to cover the energy consumption of many enterprises during the day.

An example calculation of energy consumption is shown in the table below: However, it requires an energy management system that control the energy production and demand simultaneous. This energy management system disconnect for example the air conditioning in cloudy days.

All household appliances, which are available in the market (like refrigerator, lightning, fan, TV, PC, printers and more), can be operated with this solar hybrid PV power design

Design of the PV power plant

This solar power system is designed for independent power supply and hybrid application. It can be operate as a stand-alone power supply system. A generator can connected and integrated in this solar system. However, this system can be designed for day consumption that the generator can be switched of during daytime.

If the power supply from the photovoltaic (PV) panels is insufficient, the PV system automatically supplements the missing power from the battery storage system. At night or at complete breakdown of the PV panels and empty battery storage, the PV system automatically switches off to protect the lifetime of the battery storage. The system switches automatically to PV supply as soon as the sunrise

Scope of delivery as an example

Installation and Commissioning

Commissioning and pretest will applied immediately after installation. It may require some test runs before release for regular operation. All required adjustments and electrical connections including cables are part of the commissioning